Waking Up To A Global Nightmare

Lung Collapse Warning

"It's not Loud Music or Noise, you FEEL It! 1st, then hear it!"


professional audio engineer for over 30 years

 "It cuts through 6 feet of concrete, grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go!"  FL, Citizen

Bass Zombies Just Gotta Thump and Bump

"Earthquakes On Wheels"

"Should Be ILLEGAL For Street Use"

"penetrate through walls and closed windows"

"Avoid listening to music with a heavy bass while driving and have it at a reasonable volume. Remember that you need to focus on what you’re doing, it’s important not to be preoccupied with other things."  Auto Insurance Company

"I do believe boom cars will drive 70 percent of the U.S. population insane, and that’s probably a scientifically provable.."

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Sept, 2014

Hello and welcome to the Heavy Bass Awareness Campaign page it's about Audio Trespass and the pervasive horror nightmare of heavy bass that feels like a pile driver tearing down the street, in some cases knocking the dishes off your shelves.Who could stand these kinds of sound pressure levels you may ask? Who else but zombies, these drivers are liquifying their brains as they sit in their vehicles pumping out what for the rest of us would be intolerable levels of sound pressure! As you will find based on the data collected It's out of control already and the only chance of recovering from this issue is to face it and not continue to deny the problem exists. It has been called a "pandemic" given the fact the problem is worldwide, but nowhere on the globe is it more of an epidemic then here in the U.S.   We as Heavy Bass Victims have been severely assaulted by in some cases deep heavy bass everywhere we have lived and it has taken it's toll, deprived us of much needed sleep, and has generally wrecked our life.  We feel the need to make it very clear that it is not loud music or noise as many call it and to call it annoying is completely inappropriate and inaccurate.  Imagine if you will, you are sitting in traffic, patiently waiting for the traffic light to change from red to green, when a vehicle pulls up next to you or behind you, in some cases 5 car lenghths from you and a horrible excruciating violent deep heavy bass vibration pours out from their vehicle and feels so intense and painful, you can barely breathe.  Your back hurts, your head hurts, your eyes hurt and your chest hurts and you want so badly to scream and call for help to come chase the Bass Thugs away   When it's that much of a shockwave the offender is doing a "DEMO" on you  I.E. pumping up or blasting the bass out with a "burp button", full force for a minute or two enough to intimidate you into not complaining. The deep heavy obscene vibration can penetrate your vehicle and vibrate your bone marrow  , making it feel like the worse shockwave you've ever felt in your life. Having experienced the San Fernando CA (Sylmar) quake of 1971 that measured 6.6 on the richter scale and decades later Northridge CA quake of 1994 that measured 6.7 on the richter scale and the many thousands of aftershocks that followed we know how it feels to literally feel like something terrible and painful is "rocking your world". It's not BigFoot, but it sure feels like it!

The incessant and invasive booming bass of the car stereo is a pestilence that has pervaded our lives and communities beyond any reasonable limits of tolerance.

Our quality of life has been devastated through the unconscionable greed of the manufacturers who market the misuse of infrasonic technology and promote audio terrorism to those who have no sense of empathy or respect for the rights of others.

In response, Lowertheboom.org is dedicated to:

Educating community leaders, government and law enforcement officials, and individuals on the detrimental effects of HI/LF noise
Providing support to victims of audio terrorism
Effecting change needed to restore a healthy soundscape to the community

This collection of Obnoxious Boom Car Ads is the kind of adverts that encourage disturbing the peace with this so-called "Loud Music"



Enhanced and in a Trance
That is how you would describe these vehicles and their drivers the system is pushed to the limits and the driver often listens to either Deep Heavy Bass or music found in raves digitally enhanced to put one in a trance, now take into consideration
not all of them are parked, many are driving down our nations' streets and highways, it's a safe bet with how they are exponentially being installed in various cities and counties there will be a lot more accidents in the near future involving innocents like the one
described below, it's time to do something before many will die on roads unnecessarily! If you do some research you will find that Heavy Bass plays a large role in fatal auto accidents, as it can be very distracting and often teens are involved in these fatalities Heavy Thumping Bass often leads to speeding as the driver gets "entrained" along with the Heavy Bass beats and lyrics of murder and mayhem. "As an ER Nurse I treated a woman who was killed by an on-coming fire engine because of circumstances of a boomcar preventing people from hearing the siren."



A short note on why local noise ordinances don't work.  Frst of all most of them are archaic and don't address the issue of heavy vibration equal to a 747 jet or passing train. Second younger members of law enforcement are sympathetic to these drivers, being that some cops themselves are involved in the past time as you will see in the video enitltled "Pulled Over at 3am"  Third and last to many of these cities and towns  car audio stores like The Stereo Store, Best Buy, Brads Auto Tunes, or whatever is in your downtown,  represent income to the local goverment and they are not too quick to enforce something that is going to force the dealers to move out of town, or they  make rediculous municipal laws that supercede the state laws case in point this one from a city of Corvallis OR. a city notorious for cars with earthquake audio in them.


  1) Playing, using, or operating any radio, musical instrument, phonograph, television set, tape recorder, loud speaker, or other machine or device for the producing, reproducing, or amplification of sound in such a manner as to be plainly audible:
        a) within any dwelling unit which is not the source of the sound, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.; or
        b) at a distance of 50 feet from the source of the sound.
    2) As used in this Section, "plainly audible" means any sound for which the information content of that sound is unambiguously communicated to the listener, such as, but not limited to, understandable spoken speech, comprehension of whether a voice is raised or normal, or comprehensible musical rhythm or vocal sounds.

"Most often if an officer observes/hears the music, they have the authority to act on the violation and issue a ticket as the violation is occurring in their presence"

or how about this?

  "In cases where citizens call in a complaint, they would need to have a vehicle description, license plate and a description of the driver.  The citizen would need to be able to positively identify the driver (person operating the vehicle) before we could take enforcement action. 


The citizen would need to be able to positively identify the driver (person operating the vehicle)

How do you do that,when you are being boomed out of your sleep at 3am and the offender has already drove by and is out of sight?


As you can see the discretion is left to the officer, and as insane as it is, the burden is left on the person reporting , clearly the wording was done intentionally to discourage complaints. How likely is someone going to indentify themselves to law enforcement who they suspect are ignoring the issue and are selectvely enforcing the law? The answer is not likely! Also where does it say "felt" ? Is it worth the effort so they the offender recieves nothing more than a little slap on the wrist? Let the punishment fit the crime!


It's because of lame laws like this one and the lack of seriousness of the issue especially on the lower ranks of law enforcement and the younger inexperienced officers that a national approach must be taken towards this issue, it's time to stop relying on local municipalities to protect the quality of life and health and safety of the citizens and take the issue to the federal government and demand something be done on a much larger scale. As for the rest of the world this issues needs to be addressed by the World Health Organization and World Court if necessary, this is not going to go away people, it's the kind of thing turf wars get started over!



Latest comment from Oregon Petition

Name not displayed, OR
Jun 24,  2014

" I have been dealing with the nightmare of boom cars for decades now. They raise stress levels and degrade the quality of life for all within their considerable range. Boom cars are a physical assault on innocent people, usually by a coward in a moving vehicle (drive-by assault), and should not be tolerated.


In Your Dreams In My Nightmares, Thumpmares

As anyone who has has ever had something external like a phone ringing or dog licking their face turn into a dream, these thumping systems will turn your dreams into nightmares or thumpmares!  Click the audio below to listen to an account of a heavy bass sufferer who can attest to this disturbing finding, she is not alone others have reported similar dreams turned into nightmares. If you are reading this and have experienced something similar we would like to encourage you to either share your ordeal via signing our guestbook or record your experience and we will post it on our Youtube channel for others to relate to and not feel so alone in this negative experience. If you are a doctor especially of sleep medecine, please share this information with your colleagues and help encourage funded studies into how heavy bass vibrations affect sleep and this terrible phenomena and how to prevent others from future torment, short of selling their homes and repeated relocation.













To those who say well what about the motorcycles and cars with illegally modified exhausts or what about the leaf blowers, or what about this or what about that, one question to ask is how many motorcycles does it take to rock the foundation of a home or business, rattle windows and put other vehicles on the road in danger?

Now ask this question, how many insane modified sub woofer systems does it take to do the same thing? The answer is just one! Think about it!


The fact that there needs to be  grassroots efforts and petitons by people with little time or resources speaks volumes no pun intended. There are a lot of other productive and enjoyable things we would rather do with our time, but sadly the issue is not taken seriously  and we have no choice but to raise awareness and move as so many other citizens have been forced to, only to find the problem pervasive in their new neighborhood.

Note the image to the upper right  on the top 

is known as a MTX "Jackhammer" it's a Subwoofer and as you can see it's much larger than a basketball!

This pervasive toxic problem has spun out of control and the "genie is out of the bottle".  The only way to put an end to this and halt it; stop it in its tracks is for legislators, health experts, and expert scientists who grasp and understand how potentially deadly this scourge is, to spread the word like wildfire and raise awareness about this horrible nightmare, that as E Miller, Engineer, aptly eloquently put it, "As a professional audio engineer for over 30 years, I know how
damaging these frequencies are. Not only to human hearing, but also to the
human mind. High-powered and dedicated Sub-woofers were invented for the movie industry to carry "special effects" audio content. That's why that part of the audio system is known as the LFE Channel (Low Frequency Effects). They
were designed to emulate real life sounds such as thunder, earthquakes,
explosions, etc. NOT TO EVER BE USED IN CAR AUDIO SYSTEMS. This trend is a
blight on our civilization and an atrocity that should have never been
allowed to begin in the first place, let alone flourish unabated as it has.

When I was 17 I received a ticket for driving with my stereo too loud. Now I
see police sitting right next to these idiot boom cars at signal lights and
they DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT. As with everyone else involved in this
movement, I'm sick of my home rattling and feeling as though I live near a
scrap yard with a pile driver! 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a
year...IT NEVER STOPS! There is no excuse I can conceive of for allowing this
infringement on the Right to Quiet Enjoyment of others to continue. If we
don't stop this trend soon it will probably become unstoppable
. Act now, or
forever lose your peace."

F.Y. I. The average Dealer Stock Stereo System is only 600 WATTS Average CUSTOM 5000+ WATTS

Are bassheads as they call themselves addicted to the infrasound of the heavy bass? Yes they are, you can ask any basshead and they will proudly admit they are addicted and the reason is that according to experts "“Feeling the effects of high-intensity/low-frequency sound can actually become an addiction, partially due to the release of endorphins in the body.” You can find more information online abut this, just search "infrasound addiction" if you search for "heavy bass addction", all you will find is bassheads cds and other nonsense.     see Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

"Infrasonic vibrations, though harmful, can be pleasantly stimulating in mild levels. The effects of brief, mild exposure can give a feeling of invigoration for hours. While a person may FEEL invigorated and euphoric, his body is being subjected to an elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, a release of endorphins, and the "fight or flight" adrenaline response. Feeling the effects of high-intensity/low-frequency sound can actually become an addiction, partially due to the release of endorphins in the body."


"An Assault On The Senses"
ABC 20/20 Story that depicts some of these monsters and it's only gotten more pervasive since it aired and will continue to do so!













We  have had to combat this issue for a decade and have gained a wealth of knowledge on this critical issue that is plaguing communities across the nation, continent and over seas.  We are trying to keep our emotions out of this, but this issue has plagued our family including our elderly parents for over a decade, We had no inclination as what to expect in New Mexico  including it's respective counties, considering the problem did not exist anywhere 20 years ago, when we last visited, but given the proliferation of the problem throughout the nation we are not very surprised. For 10 months living in the mountains of Santa Fe NM we were given a respite from this thumping madness, only having to deal with it every time we went into the capital Santa Fe, (a small city that has the thumping bass problem as bad as the state's largest city Albuquerque) and then retreat to the quiet of home, only to be thumped occasionally by the neighbor's heavy bass system, and occasional drive-bys, not having to live in a city kept us from having to endure the issue and the battle front of the issue, but now once again like the historical figure Braveheart we find ourselves dragged into the front of the battle and we are very battle fatigued as this can really drain one's resources as you can ask anyone who has been victimized by this issue. Please take the time to read the following compelling arguments and study the problem, the city  or town you save may be your own, as this issue has ruined many a cities' sound scape and has caused many conflicts. Case in point, 2 serene parks one with a pond in Sarasota FL. was regularly plagued by thumping heavy bass vehicles both in the parking lot and passing by almost a quarter of a mile!  Leaving little quiet and relaxation for park goers, a Sarasota City City Councilman was being deprived of sleep regularly from Heavy Bass from passing vehicles almost nightly, here's the kicker, he lived on the 18th floor, how do you explain that? The same applies anywhere, if it's not an issue yet it will be very soon, given the numerous installations of these thumping Heavy Bass systems throughout the U.S. Please keep this in Mind, Elkhart Indiana has a zero tolerance for noise, look it up
Fines for noise violators in Elkhart are stiff:
 $ 250: first offense
 $ 500: second offense
 $1000: third offense
 $2500: fourth offense

This should serve as a model for all agencies across America, at least for starters! There is a reason for Elkharts approach, it's that Indiana is one of the most heavy bass states plagued in the mid west as is Ill. where they have set up boom car traps in various jurisdictions due to citizens complaints. To the state representative, you can not expect local jurisdictions to make an impact when all you give them is a measly fine of $97 that will more than likely either be reduced or dismissed, to quote one Law Enforcement Officer, the tickets are seen by the violators as "usage fees" and nothing more, if you don't have strict penalties including points on the record, then how on earth are you going to combat the issue? In addition if your own state capital has the vehicles running around unchecked, as we can confirm after a recent visit to our own state capital, how on earth do you expect there to be any kind of serious enforcement in places in any of the counties or cities jurisdictions? One  thing that must be brought to light, do accident investigators ever bother to check if heavy bass was involved in a serious auto accident, if not it's  way over due, it's due to this one thing being overlooked that no statistics are available on "loud music" generally pumping bass contributing to serious auto accidents, we can attest to this while living in Miami FL a very serious head on collision speeding accident occurred involving teens coming home from a party and an out of state middle age woman, more on that later.


Gulfport MS. P.S.A. to send a message Turn it Down or Pay Up to offenders.

Same Program in Largo FL.

















We do realize there other issues such as loud vehicle exhausts that affect quality of life as well, but this is the only issue that has victims suffering silently with little or no recourse, in our opinion all states should consider what constitutes excessive and should be considered
distracted while driving and that would most definitely include heavy thumping bass, as studies attest to the reaction time of the driver being slowed down by this deadly distraction.

To all concerned elected officials and Law Enforcement agencies if you have not read this as of yet please do so before continuing to read this page.
The Problem of Loud Car Stereos
http://www.popcenter.org/problems/loud_car_stereos Enforcing laws that prohibit plainly audible car stereos


For parts of the country where citizens are suffering mercilessly, (and we can tell you based on the Ban Heavy Bass in Boom Cars petition feedback there are many) and complain to law enforcement on a regular basis, only to be told there is little that can be done, or it's a low priority, you have to ask this question, if man power is indeed the issue as many citizens have been told and report as we have, then why can't agencies, local, county and state work together in a coordinated effort to combat the problem? This is rhetorical question, because there is no reason for there not to be a coordinated effort to rid something that is so destructive in our communities and from our roads.

More Heavy Bass Than Brains? 

Exhibit A. SMD, a custom installer in Sacramento who does installs of systems that are not 5 not 10 but as high as 30,000 watts that are capable rocking foundations and does other bizarre things! In our opinion SMD should stand for Sonic Massive Destruction o Stupid M@*$,?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2IgCj-2ofM Note use audio equipment with at least one sub woofer, or you will not experience an accurate reproduction.

But his defense is hey I'm just the installer I can't be held responsible for what my customers do after that, our response is, how different is that from a drug dealer?


















In On The Creep, this genius boom car boy thug wants to know "What are your thoughts on the amount of time and energy many police forces put into regulating loud music?" So please let him know!

Here is one response to his question, note this is from a fellow genius, note the sarcasm.

"Someone passed my house at 4:00 am shaking my windows and waking me up (happened 5 times) it tends to piss me off. Especially when it causes damages to my window, now I have a crack in it..".

note the reference to "420" a common reference to Marijuana, one theory could be that they are so high that the extreme deep heavy bass has little to no affect on their nervous systems unlike the rest of us, but that's just a theory, any MDs who would care to research that, your findings will be very welcomed!  












In response to the turn it down video, is a comment from a fellow thumper!

"It's the fact of showing respect bro. you honestly should realize that loud music is a public disturbance especially if the store is vibrating."


Note the lack of seriousness and reference to "competition, in the pulled over video,this particular vehicle is a DB Dragracing Vehicle and they have no reason for being on city streets anymore than a NHRA or NASCAR stock car does, yet nothing prohibits them! The only thing that protects the public, is the half hearted, pathetic promise to keep it down and give them paltry tickets and fines.













Example of DB Drag Racing If you are in the Sacramento Valley, you might want to take a look


Heavy Bass Booming Noise Exposure Can Puncture Lungs! ...Medical Warning:

Interesting to note this is a Boom Car boy warning his fellow thumpers of the dangers and potential lung collapse from heavy bass, as warned by Doctors in this BBC article lung collapse warning.


"One man was driving when he experienced a pneumothorax, characterised by breathlessness and chest pain. Doctors linked it to a 1,000 watt "bass box" fitted to his car to boost the power of his stereo. A pneumothorax occurs when air gets into the space between the lung and the membrane that covers it when small breaks occur in the lung wall. It is thought the intense pulses of low-frequency, high-energy sound causes the lung to rupture because air and tissue respond differently to sound."



Disturbing Quote this is the response from one of his fellow thumpers.

"f*ck this sh*t, when i turn up the volume i do not have to breath because the bass does it for me"


The fact that this little warning went overlooked in the U.S. is appaling, it was not reported on any U.S. media that we know of, could it be because  auto electronics companies like Sony didn't want it to get out? One thing is certain, such a health warning should have been taken into serious consideration by both the U.S. CDC as well as W.H.O. this is not a national health issue this an international health issue that crosses all borders, How would you like to be on the same road when one of these drivers lungs collapse? Not many people would!

There are also licensed and unlicensed drivers in and around  the U.S. who are driving around with so much bass pumping out of their cars, it leaves you asking the question, do they have more bass than brains? The answer is yes, if one feels the need to drive around with as much sound pressure levels as a 747 jet engine "Boom cars are also called ground pounders, street pounders, or (rarely) trunk thumpers, or "ground pounders" and no wonder considering the brain-liquefying power of some of these car stereo systems. As a point of reference, the human pain threshold for noise is 120 decibels (dB), but these rolling sonic factories can hit 140 or even 150 dB. Because decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, the sound level doubles every 10 dB, so (it turns out) 150 dB would be the equivalent of standing next to a 747 with its jet engines at full roar."  from http://wordspy.com/words/boomcar.asp

Or have the metal of your vehicle banging so badly that everyone within 1/2 a mile radius is disturbed by it, then most likely you have more bass than brains and you shouldn't be driving to begin with, since you are more than likely a hazard to yourself as well as other drivers.
If you do some research if you will find that due to the nature of the size, a large percentage of SUVs are jam packed with sonic assault equipment, hence they should be referred to as SAVs Sonic Assault Vehicles, as one person referred to them.
Most states vehicle codes prohibits vehicles from emitting louder than reasonable noise, in our humble opinion this statute in most state's regarding vehicles with "Loud Music" should be known as heavy pounding bass, is flawed and does not do anything to protect innocent citizens from the madness of these drivers.

In addition to making people ill from this and destroying quality of life, these dangerous nightmarish sub-woofer S.A.V.s  are destroying the natural sound scape and the ecosystem.  There have been many times when victims of sonic heavy bass assault are enjoying a peaceful quiet afternoon in a beautiful green park and enjoying the sweetness of the wildlife, attempting to enjoy some rest away from the noisy hustle bustle of the city, when the ground begins to pound and it feels like the entire park is vibrating heavily like an audio earthquake and the peaceful enjoyment has now been ruined!!!  Imagine enjoying the peace and quiet in your favorite beautiful local or state park, and a couple of these bass thug idiots drives by and destroys the peace and quiet and actually causes the beautiful birds to flee from the trees and seek safe shelter!!!  This is the same kind of deep heavy bass subsonic waves that are being used to penetrate the oceans and threaten the dolphins and whales by throwing off their sonar, which is their natural form of communication and antenna, which keeps them alert to their surroundings.  Birds have very thin legs and rely on their natural habitat to protect them and provide their natural needs and when these heavy bass thugs penetrate the natural surroundings with their subsonic heavy bass vibrations, it is a chain reaction that is very destructive and excruciating.  We will be sending this website link to many environmental organizations who work tirelessly to protect the ecosystem and the wildlife, alerting them to this very pervasive destructive polluting problem so that they too can take the necessary action steps to get help and make a positive difference.  Please feel free to duplicate our efforts and contact these environmental organizations yourself and get your community to help do the same thing.  We all need to come together and help each other fight and once and for all eradicate this toxic destructive menace.

Without delay we feel the need to share these very poignant comments that come from this petition, http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no_booms 
 if you could just read the comments and feel the pain of victims around the country from all colors and walks of life, this leaves little doubt as stated earlier that a very dangerous genie has been released from it's bottle and can not be put back!


Here are more quotes  from those who feel they have been victimized by these Heavy Bass Thugs, from the same petition there are now over 2000 signatures from all walks of life and from around the country, some are pleading for a nationwide ban on the destructive equipment. Names have been omitted to protect them from retaliation. comments have not been altered in an way they have been left as is to protect the authenticity of the signer. Anyone who has the audacity to claim these signatures are falsified, needs to have their head examinined, these are legitimate hard working Americans who are fed up, and we have their full names to prove they are authentic and not manufactured as some bass head crazies t have claimed.


Feb, 19, 2014

State: Florida 

"After seeing the recent headlines in Florida news we have people shooting other people over what they see is others doing offensive things in public. A man shoot another man in a movie theater over cell phone usage another man is convicted for shooting teenagers who simply wouldn't turn down there radio. People are fed up with the noise and nonsense. It is a shame there is no legislation to avoid these types of incidents from happening. The constant barrage of noise coming from cars passing by my house is far beyond annoying. They want freedom of expression? I want freedom to live peacefully. I wouldn't think of coming into your house and rattling everything you have why is it okay for your noise to rattle everything I have in my house? It needs to stop."


State: Florida April 3, 2014

"I have watched my wife who suffers from vestibular hyperacusis which is extreme sensitivity to sound go from a hard worker to a shell of a person .she can not leave the inside of our home for nothing other then medical attention and , that is no easy task in itself .She has to over medicate wear earplugs and earmuffs just to get there.we hear this thumping from at least eighteen to twenty hours at a time seven days a week.the law here in Florida is a joke especially lake county where we live .She is literally held hostage in our home the only difference between here and jail is square footage,bars,food that is it .she faints so many times a day she now suffers silent seizures and vertigo.She has no life everything we take for granite she can only wish to do .she can not go shopping,or to a restaurant,or visit family or to watch our grand children at school functions or to a park for a picnic with them .I am afraid she is gonna die before Florida will do something" .


State: Florida

"Until we have a federal law banning subwoofers as "weapons" -- they
certainly aren't entertainment delivery systems -- police in our towns and cities will spend
endless hours pursuing noisemakers to the detriment of those they are sworn to serve


WA. US "300 times per weekend on my street is enough. Please stop this invasive, property devaluing actions by today's drivers."

Location Not Known " I hear them (and feel them) at 1:00 in the morning going down the street THREE BLOCKS AWAY! If this level of noise was coming from a persons mouth there would be police all over the place. This is noise created for the enjoyment of one at the expense of thousands! I am amazed that there have not been tougher laws on this issue. This is a constant problem. When my family goes to the beach every few weeks there is always someone playing music that ruins the whole thing. Maybe someone should create a model for taking these offenders to civil court and at least get the word out that even if it's not a criminal offense, it IS OFFENSIVE ENOUGH TO SUE SOMEONE OVER IT WHEN IT SPOILS THE QUIET ENJOYMENT THAT WE OFTEN SEEK!"

"Boom" box car owners are a sad reflection of the degradation
that is taking place in society. Rude, inconsiderate and yes, they are thugs. Home should be a sanctuary, not only can you hear these terror machines (from miles away) you feel them. There is no escape. Congress must act,
as enforcing even existing noise laws is a low priority for our police."
Angry Citizen

"Earthquake Sound" In Cars Has To GO! Submitted Anonymously Private Citizen

TX. eugene "its terrible.there is a city ordanence against loud car stereos here in Odessa tx.but cops wont enforce it" cops only come out and tell them to stop thumping if you call them.then they tell the thumpers the neighbors are complaining.basicaly putting a target on your back."

By far the most prevalent and most major distraction in cars today is sound systems, both OEM and aftermarket. The problems are several. First, the sound level generated by some equipment is so loud and has so much bass that drivers of vehicles so equipped cannot hear emergency vehicle sirens, no matter how loud or piercing. Second, sound waves from these vehicles are capable of causing extreme discomfort for other nearby drivers, both auditory and emotional. I have witnessed incidents of rage directed at drivers of vehicles with these sound systems. I have also witnessed- on several occasions- vehicles so equipped setting off the motion-sensitive anti-theft alarms on nearby cars in parking lots. The capabilities of these systems far surpass anything needed for clarity of sound in an automobile. Local law enforcement is evidently incapable of handling the problem; even in a jurisdiction where ordinances exist, like my native Atlanta, it is next-to-impossible to obtain enforcement. As I see it, the only real solution is Federal regulation of automotive sound systems. I would like to see regulations encompassing the following restrictions: 1) Restriction on the size (in overall surface area) of speakers, and the depth of speaker cones, as well as the allowable weight of speaker magnets, applicable to all OEM and aftermarket equipment. 2) A restriction on the number of speakers allowed in a vehicle, with the restriction applicable to every class of vehicle extant. 3) A restriction on the power of amplifiers, both OEM and aftermarket; my suggestion here would be to examine the wattage of lower-end OEM systems and restrict wattages to a level somewhere in the range of wattages found in such systems. 4) A complete ban on pre-amplifiers. 5) A complete ban on sub-woofers. 6) A complete ban on the installation of additional batteries in automobiles; only the OEM battery setup should be permitted. 7) A requirement that all sound system equipment designs, whether OEM or aftermarket, be submitted for Federal approval before being permitted for sale or distribution. I would also like to see a class of Federal violation created for drivers who violate such regulations, with a system of Federal enforcement; local jurisdiction enforcement is a complete joke. I would also want to see regulations concerning such sound systems enacted with NO "grandfathering" whatever; drivers of vehicles in violation of new regulations should be required to remove the equipment completely. Again, these systems are dangerous to both the drivers of the vehicles so equipped, and to the public at large. PLEASE help stop this horrendous auditory assault!

N.Y. New York "They come by in a pattern, usually late at night, obviously signalling to their customers to come out. They park in front of our building and make life unbearable, with the THUMPTHUMPTHUMP which sometimes shakes the whole building, amps up your adrenaline and can almost make you feel like you are having a stroke. If NYC is under so much govt. surveillance, as alleged by the media, where is the surveillance and the cameras here in Queens, not far from Flushing Meadows Park, where all this activity occurs really late at night, sometimes accompanied by blasts of high impact "music" from apartments. It is bad enough we are in the flight path of LaGuardia airport, do we really have to endure THIS horrible HI-impact-LF TORTURE from idiots who think they are being :"Cool" by announcing to the world that they are here? When I suggested to the manager of my housing complex that instead of "random inspections" conducted by the NYC Housing Authority, that they conduct random drug-sniffing dog visits, he was not amused and said "They don't care." So what does that say? And what hope will be have of ever eliminating this curse of NOISE pollution by people too stoned or too stupid to realize what they are inflicting on others?"

#407 FL US"Is there anything to be done These thugs are promoting ignorance and violence and will not stop until we are all sick with stress and they are all deaf. With war, starvation and suffering all over the world why would they just want to contribute more Are they even human beings" Are they human that is debatable,since this type of constant low frequency exposure to the cells has a tendency to mutate the cell DNA, then actually they would be considered mutations! It's out in the country too, no escaping it!


State: TX
I am glad to see that other citizens are taking action against these despicable
criminals who bombard us with their vile booming 24 hours a day. I started calling the
Police on the Gang across the street from me five years ago. They get tickets but, I
have to take of work to appear as a witness, so I lose money. Since they are drug
dealers, they think it is a joke when they have to pay a small fine. They harrass me
constantly with their supersonic booming, but I am not going to move like the other
neighbors. This type of electronic equipment should be against the LAW! It is the duty of
the government to protect its citizens form AUDIO TERRORISM!

Location TX. The only place a subwoofer should be allowed are clubs and concerts. They have no place in vehicles on public roads or neighborhoods. Vehicles with subwoofers and stereos capable of high decibels should be denied state inspection stickers and registration renewal. Police need to step up enforcement of sound ordnance.

Location Not Known "Noise driving you crazy? Sometimes feel you could kill just for a little peace? YOU'RE NOT ALONE! You've tried tolerance. You've tried moving away, but there's nowhere left to run. You are a victim of audio trespass. It's time to take a stand and defend your Right to Quiet! Where laws already exist to protect that right, DEMAND ENFORCEMENT! Laws unenforced means outlaws and lawlessness wins. Where no laws exist in defense of Quiet, DEMAND THEY BE ENACTED! Don't wait until there's no place left to find peace. Quiet is a basic human need and a basic human right! DEMAND IT! DEFEND IT!"

CA Boom cars are the ultimate in 'disrespect', and are ruining our lives at home.

OK US "Boom car nonsense just has to be stopped. I'm a Vietnam Vet with PTSD and the loud booming and vibrations of the infrasound causes me to have artillery shell, mortar shell, and 122mm rocket fire flashbacks. I often roll onto the floor and grab for a nonexistant M-16 and steel helmet.....(and I even take prescription meds to control it). ear plugs are ineffective.....and the sleep deprivation is complicating things tremendously."

Location Not Known "People are now using powerful electronic equipment as weapons against their fellow humans. The government has to get involved because the electronics industry is not acting responsibly. They promote the anti-social use of their products."

IN. US "I am a student at Indiana University, Bloomington and I can't even get away from the noise at the main library. All of the current periodicals and class reserve materials are kept in a room with reinforced concrete walls and some of the thickest glass I've ever seen and you can still here bass! During the school year, boom cars go by in a continuous stream and make it impossible to read. If you have a class assignment involving the materials in the room, you have to submit yourself to hours of torture at the hands of boom car drivers."

CO. US "These laws are long overdue."

#1516 CA US "I live in the city of Pittsburgh a half block away from a gas station. Day in and Day out I must endure the thumping, booming assault of inconsiderate thugs disturbing my peace and quiet with their deep vibratory bass noise. The vibration is so significant it causes my light fixtures to rattle. They should be arrested and their vehicles confiscated."

#413 ID US "I moved out to the country to get away from the boom box noise only to find out that is impossible. It am exposed to it by distant neighbors and drive by vehicles. I'll be trying to rest when I will be awakened by the thumping and the rattling of my home. When will it stop" It will stop when we say enough is enough, that when it will stop!

#414 DE US "The noise is a total invasion of privacy and this equipment (kickers) should be outlawed."

CT US "Boom Cars are beyond reproach. They are a blatant assault to the senses, and can be tolerated no longer. We should also be aware of the fact that ""boomers"" are turning to obnoxiously loud exhaust systems to compensate for local regulations regarding music volume. Their point is to destroy the quality of life for the average, hardworking person. Noise is the default medium used by those who have nothing to offer themselves or society. It is their way to protest their own ignorance as if it were someone else's fault."

PA The people who boom are actually very sad inside. Yes, we need laws to outlaw the equipment that produces powerful bass pulses; it is a form of weaponry. But we also need a different society that puts more emphasis on community, so that young people are not so sad or angry that they want to hurt others.

Location Not Known " The right to be left alone...the right most valued by civilized men" ~Louis Brandeis--I never knew how profound this statement was until my right to peace and quiet in my own home was taken away from me. For the past 2 years I have been terrorized, harassed, trespassed upon, and preyed upon by the noise of boom cars. Boom cars are an insidious evil that MUST be eliminated from our society. They rob citizens of their basic rights to privacy and the enjoyment of their homes. Technology is intended to enhance and better the lives of people, however, boom cars do just the opposite. The technology behind these cars are being used in a harmful and cruel manner--to purposely disturb, harass, and abuse innocent people. To make matters worse, most local jurisdictions (while acknowledging the harm of these cars) do little if anything to regulate them or to protect citizens such as myself from boom cars. Please give us back our God given right to peace and quiet. This problem warrants a Congressional Hearing."

TX US "I am so tired of the walls of my home viberating everytime one of these losers drives by  their rights end where MINE start."

Location Not Known "I have been woken up many nights by these obnoxious boom cars driving through my (usually quiet) suburban neighborhood! "

FL US "Laws need to be passed an enforced which will stop noise pollution. I often have things vibrate off of shelves and a cat that I cannot get out from under the bed for hours after one of these boom cars leave the apartment complex in which I live. I'm all for personal freedom, but why does it have to be at the expense of everyone elses sanity"

IL US "Yes, these inconsiderate punks have the right to listen to what ever trash they want, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to. It is really sad that with everything else going on that these jerks feel the need to be a nuisance to everyone else. We need to make our voices heard above this dispicable noise and finally put an end to it. It has really become sad how the youth of today is so inconsiderate and disrespectful. I really feel a lot of it has to do with some of this rap (so called music) that promotes so much violence and disrepect. It's time decent citizens regain their RIGHT to PRIVACY"

PA US "As an HSP and person that suffers from PTSD, this is a huge problem for me. It has caused major health problems for me as well as made it very difficult for me to recover from major surgery in my own home."

SC US "Please put an end to boomcars. It has caused me tremendous anxiety where I live and I can't get any sleep or relaxation. I have kidney failure and I desperately need rest."

CA US "At last there is someone else that is truly bothered by these very annoying and dangerous toys. As an ER Nurse I treated a woman who was killed by an on-coming fire engine because of circumstances of a boomcar preventing people from hearing the siren..also ..people who ride in boomcars are loosing thier hearing."

FL US "I agree with this petition to the extent that when the noise is so loud that it interferes with my ability to get a decent lights sleep in my own house or ruins a normally somber or quiet event (funerals, religeous events, etc) it is an invasion of my privacy and should not be tolerated. I am not against a persons right to listen to music asd loud as he or she wants to, but not at everyone elses expense."

CA US "These loud machines should not be sold to the public." The info. in the following links are reasons why you should support this petition.

Comments from latest signatures. More can be be found at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no_booms 

Some comments left by the Bass Thugs and Bass Heads showing their strong opposition and ignorance of any kind of legislation or ban. Please consider their use of profanity as most of what they listen to is laced with it.


"Your a bunch of f*cking sh*t f*ck bastards that need a life. Politicians will be shot and killed on site. Government was made by the people for the people. Hope your happy you wasted all your time putting together this crummy site. Next time I go up to the ballot boxes I'll mark the proposition marked F*CK YOU!"

As you can see they are not very well schooled.

"Boomcars will stay, and nothing will ever make them go away!!

Whogives ash*t AL AL "a little noice from one car passing once in a while is nothing to bitch about"

There are more and we will post them as we can.


After reading thes previous comments  from victims you can only come to one conclusion, and that is people from all over America are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore from these thugs!


As community representatives, government leaders and overseers and protectors of our citizens and their quality of life, your role is is absolutely key in restoring their rights and, along with it, the health and prosperity of the community and its people and the nation as a whole.

For those in the chair of civil servant, it will be beneficial to focus on four aspects of this problem:

    The nature and magnitude of sonic assault
    Sonic assault 's relationship to crime
    The way that sonic assault affects decent taxpaying citizens
    How sonic assault must be dealt with"

  from Lower The Boom a grass roots effort that for years has been raising awareness about this potentially deadly issue.
If you have not visited this officials web portal, we urge you to do so now, where you will have a better understanding of the nature of the problem and good solid solutions to impact it.



Here is one example of what they are talking about, note the sub-woofers are not facing in, clearly with the intent to share with everyone around.

"I was pulled out of my zone with a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Someone might think that it was an earthquake or a bomb going off, but no. My neighbors next door had pulled in and had their music on in their car. But it wasn't on at just a normal volume; it was really loud, and they had the bass really high, so high that I swear that the walls of my house were shaking." We can personally attest to this as we have experienced this assault hthttp://www.lowertheboom.org/official.htm on numerous occasions in various locales and jurisdictions.

From  http://persephonemagazine.com/2012/03/bringin-down-the-house-next-door













   Image courtesy of persephonemagazine.com



The following happened when we were living  in Miami FL. in early 2000, several teens were coming back from a party in the early morning hours, they were involved in a  head on collision with a middle aged woman who was visiting from CO. the teens were badly injured the woman died, Police said speed was a factor and could not  find a reason why the driver would have increased his speed, the news reported that in the dash area there were CDs strewn all over and that was the end of it, had Heavy Bass played a role in this fatal accident?
We will never know, since as stated earlier it is not in accident investigators protocols to check for that, well it's sure as hell time it was and they damn well should!, it's not hard to figure out, if the vehicle is laced with 12 inch sub-woofers and amplified beyond reason has digitally enhanced CDs or Mp3 you can bet your life it played a major role in that accident! if you put 2 and 2 together and given the tendency for teens now to "pump up the bass" with digitally enhanced CDs, there is little doubt in our mind that those CDs and what was more than likely a pumped up bass system contributed to that serious accident that injured those teens and killed that innocent woman.


With all due respect, unless you are on some kind of illegal controlled substance as most of these Heavy Bass Thugs or Bass Heads, as some call themselves are, you must by now understand there is a significant difference between regular "Loud Music" and digitally amplified in some cases Deep Heavy Bass and how potentially destructive it is. so please for the love of god, stop calling it "Loud Music" and call it what it is, Heavy Bass, when someone is being assaulted by this and law enforcement has it's hands tied and refers to it as "Loud Music" there is no urgency or priority if the officers are not involved with some kind of mayhem or murder. Imagine your home or vehicle being assaulted by this type of so-called music, you generally only feel it, rarely do you hear lyrics unless you are too close to the vehicle or house.

"Some statutes and ordinances prohibit any noise that is plainly audible from a specified distance.† Most laws of this sort do not require that the music lyrics or melody be intelligible; the bass vibrations alone can suffice. The specified distances vary across jurisdictions, ranging from 15 to 100 feet, depending on how restrictive communities choose to be."    This is the crux of the problem, it's a matter of choice, if a federal mandate stated there was only one level and distance for example 15 feet, and it had no room for flexibility the problem would be addressed in short order, but sadly that is not the case."


To the driver pumping out the Heavy Bass, the following applies.  To the Bass Head, If you or someone you know has more bass than brains, then you should seriously consider these facts before it's too late!
Note if due to your thumping and bumping as you put it, unintentionally "accidentally" kill someone you can be held responsible and face involuntary man slaughter charges that will not only ruin your day, but your life!
So think twice.

1. Heavy Bass impedes the safety and awareness of motorists and pedestrians through blatant distraction and interferes with the motorist's ability to hear and respond to emergency vehicles.

2. This type of low frequency can

Causes physical damage at the cellular level
Can damage human organs
Induces hearing loss
Impedes learning and cognitive development processes
Evokes hypertension
Leads to aggressive behavior
Causes stress and sleep loss
Leads to depression

3. Sound technology (highly amplified, low frequency output) is outpacing current laws (measured in db-A).

4 Research on low frequency amplification for use as a non-lethal control by police was discontinued because of its physically destructive affects to bystanders and, potentially, the subject as well.

5.The aggressive nature of the heavy pounding bass has directly lead to the murders of innocent victims both the violator and the complainant.
Case in point, when we lived in Miami there was a story in the news about a man, who was tormented by S. American music every night, he complained to the police but nothing was resolved, one night while the bass was so loud, he cracked, he went downstairs for a confrontation, he confronted the neighbor whose birthday it was and shot and killed him and went to jail for murder. This could have been avoided if his pleas had been taken more seriously.

6. There is absolutely no redeeming social, spiritual, economic, or ethical value in the emission of repetitious thumping noises and vibrations that can be heard and felt for over a quarter of a mile

To the average citizen who does not want to be exposed to heavy bass, the following applies.

1. A person who has the right to not listen to this noise is totally unable to escape it; thus their rights are violated.

2. It is often too difficult, if not impossible, to identify the offending vehicle due to distances, speed, and physical obstacles, thus preventing the reporting of an offense resulting in many hours of frustration.

3.Even at its lowest volumes, this type of vibration continues upsetting and irritating unwilling listeners like almost no other stimulus can, often finding it's way into the sleep state, manifested as nightmares and for sleep disorder sufferers such as yours truly with Sleep Apnea it's truly a nightmare since we already are deprived of sleep due to constantly being waked up even if on a machine that aids breathing, it's very disturbing.

4. Heavy Bass vibration is a continual offense to homeowners and recreation seekers.

5. Citizens are virtually limited in their autonomy to address this problem (legally).

6. Property values decrease in affected areas, property owners are driven to the point of having to move to other areas of a town or state to find temporary comfort.

There are even more sticking points to discourage this type of amplification, but these are plenty of food for thought.

If the fact that it is illegal to amplify your auto stereo beyond reasonable limits and the aforementioned is not enough to discourage you from bumping and thumping, then consider the fact that it is well documented that vehicles with heavy bass have been involved in deadly accidents with trains, fire engines and other innocent motorists.

As you can see in the images attached here Law enforcement agencies across the country including the Pinellas County Sheriff Department in FL. have stepped up enforcement and have started education campaigns and put motorists on notice that this will no longer be tolerated on our streets and highways.
On a positive note the entire Pinellas County Sheriff Department in FL. have stepped up enforcement and have started education campaigns and put motorists on notice that this will no longer be tolerated on our streets and highways  and empowering citizens by giving them a portal to report offenders.








IImage courtesy of Pinellas County Sheriff

Hillsborough commissioners pass rules against blaring car stereos

Another FL County Lowers The Boom.








Image courtesy of City Of Bloomington

Another program in affect in Bloomington Ill.


Coronado CA. used to have a sign as you came over the bridge from San Diego that read "We hear the boom, we take the box" meaning I.E. confiscation

In Roseville Mi. citizens are fed up and protest and plea with law enforcement to do so something. In FL, a docmentary video on how bad it is there.










"excessive and belligerent speaker installations that broadcast noise from the rear of the vehicle. I've also learned that I'm not alone in using the language of terrorism in this context. The organization Noise Free America has a number of articles in which phrases such as "audio terrorists" and "rolling PA systems" are used. The point is that the problem is well-known elsewhere but is ignored here.

The excuse commonly given by law enforcement is that it has to catch drivers in the act. But these vehicles are driven by our neighbors - yours and mine. And make no mistake, if the boom car operator is emboldened by inaction, Appleton will experience more boom car parades going down our streets."   from http://www.noisefree.org/newsroom/nfa-display.php?id=291



On their website, noisefree.org claims that “in Roseville, there are hundreds of cars with super-powered subwoofer speaker systems pounding the streets, booming and thumping, day after day, disturbing everyone.”






That is a sound approach, no pun intended and needs to be copied by every Sheriffs Dept. in America, it must also be made known that not too long ago Noise Free America reported about a St. Pete Police Officer who had issued tickets to a boom car driver and he retaliated by parking not only his boom car but his friend's as well in front of the officer's house day and night subjecting both the officers' family and he to stressful heavy bass. The officer with the help of Judy Ellis and a legal fund was able to action against the thug, note St. Pete is in Pinellas County
It must also be stressed this type of retaliation tactic other then homicide is common amongst this ilk and if you take a look at the video below you will see comments of other Bass Thugs some suggesting mayhem and murder. this was a confrontation between a youth and a middle aged New England vacationer from FL. probably trying to escape the Heavy Bass assault down there,but to no avail  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxd07y_Eg2k












Here is a highlight of what is on there.



We feel it's important to post these deragatory comments to demonstrate what kind of bottom feeders are involved in this so-called past time.

1. What a f****g old a**hole! F**k that old f***ing c**ksucking piece of sh*t! I would've gone to his house and f**king beat the shPt out of him! Old ass motherf*cker!
3. you should rub dog sh*t on his door handles
4.  i get a feeling of unity cause theres people out there on planet earth who are addicted to BASS like me.
5. I would`ve turned it up as loud as it would go and drove by his house really slow haha
6. F da police
7. BTW i wouldve beat the sh*t out of that guy and sent his ass back to flordia!
9.  if that was me i think i would kicked his head in after what he seid
10. Burn down his house
11. I would have busted that bastards window
13. I would have slapped his ass in the face that fat ass bastard we want to BUMP I would have popped a cap in his ass with a .44 magnum :)
14. I would have turn up the bass and send him back florida
15. in Ohio i guess they are considered contraband.  Does this mean they are banned? In Loraine OH. they used to confiscate the system and take a sledge hammer to it, do they still?














Image courtesy of http://www.lowertheboom.org/stacks.htm

It's interesting to note that by the comments left, the bass heads and bass thugs don't all agree with one another and there is division amongst their kind that could be used against them at some point, perhaps a reward system like has been used for years in CA for information leading to the possession of illegal firearms just a thought. It would be a good idea for law enforcement to consider cooperating with some the harmless bass heads, who as they state they would be courteous and gladly turn it down, to help infiltrate and go after some of the hard core bass thugs who would commit homicide or attempted murder, as described in the following event that occurred in FL years ago. unfortunately due the age of these incidents links are not available, however they should be archived somewhere.    Jacksonville FL. A middle age woman was run over by a minority male at a gas station, the incident happened when a young male parked his vehicle in the gas station to go in and left his vehicle thumping while he went in,
a woman who went in right after him was upset and confronted him over it and asked him why he just left it on, he did not reply, as the woman started to her vehicle, the male proceeded to run her over, he then fled the scene, the woman did not die and the suspect was later apprehended and it was learned that he had just been released from jail for aggravated assault charges.  In addition to this event, there have been numerous events both in FL including a Port St. Lucy bicycle officer who was almost run over after he asked the driver a young white male to turn it down, the suspect was taken into custody and charged with a very serious charge, he could have just complied or have a ticket written but decided to be defiant and stupid. A Florida Highway Patrol officer was at a gas station and 30 something white male was in his vehicle with the stereo turned up way too loud, officer asked him to turn it down, he proceeded to run the officer over, this can't be just because of so called loud music, the suspect fled and may have been later apprehended, not sure about this one. Elsewhere in the U.S. not sure of the location, officer had a vehicle stopped at a gas station for loud music, officer had his arm in the window at the time, driver proceeded to drive away with officer's hand still in window dragging the officer, there was video of this one and it was not easy to watch. You can't make this stuff up, it's happening all the time and no one is putting 2 and 2 together, Heavy Bass Kills, plain and simple!




One thing we can glean from some of these comments is if you piss off one these bass thugs, they will drive by your home and do a "DEMO" on you I.E. pump up or blast the bass out with a burp button, full force for a minute or two enough to intimidate you into not complaining any further, we can attest to this except that it was in traffic, we were at intersection in Sarasota FL, a city infested by Bass Thugs sitting at a red light waiting to cross a busy intersection, directly behind us was a pickup truck or SUV with it's bass turned up moderately, he was signalling right and we could not move for him to pass nor were we legally obligated to. suddenly he did a "demo" and it was horrible, he kept doing it till the light turned green, we could feel it in our chests and we were palpitating, we later asked the Sheriff's dispatch if that event had put one of us in the hospital, would we have any recourse and she said not that I know of, we were intentionally assaulted because the driver behind us had no patience, this is unacceptable and these drivers need to be held accountable for their actions!  In some case like the elderly they can potentially send them into cardiac arrest with this type sound pressure levels, even if it's only for a minute!


Just what is it they are referring to? Here is an example


notice the deep Heavy Bass overtones, now imagine that connected to multiple sub-woofers and amplified beyond reasonable limits and you start to get the picture 


"Why speakers are so powerful my neighbors thought there was an earthquake"

























Here is another example that is connected with the so called Loud Music Murder trial in FL the song is called "Beef" play with this with subwoofers and let us know if you can you really call this "Loud Music"?
warning disturbing and offensive lyrics




Youtube is filled with convictions or should we say Indictments of this atrocity as E. Miller called it.


"Why is it that if the boom car enthusiasts claim they are only doing it for their own so-called "enjoyment" the speakers are usually pointing outwards like the one in this hummer? Then there are the idiots who don't soundproof their vehicle and the sound pressure escapes and you hear their piece of garbage vehicle clanging like a trash can! At least they should understand how to contain the sound pressure properly and if not they should either have their system confiscated or fined heavily! In addition there should be stiff fines for installers who would encourage this stupidity! Don't you agree?"

Notice how the sub-woofer speakers are facing outward, not inwards as would be expected, this is generally the case with most of these outlaws.

We want to reiterate, they, the bass thugs, are addicted to this loud obnoxious “thmmmping”, which can hardly be termed music. They feed on the constant fix and will do anything to get that fix. Once they are exposed to it they don’t stop and they will defy any laws to continue this habit. This is not only affecting the user, who is becoming deaf more and more after each fix, but our society at large, which is the same problem with drugs in our country. This is just another type of drug (call it the acoustic crack of the 21st century and the users are "Bass Heads") and therefore requires the same kind of scrutiny. Anyone who has ever been exposed to the decibel level of these monsters can attest to the destructive force they possess. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that measures be taken before the problem has grown out of control.



As you can see in this recent incident, it is not just kids having fun, this man is in his 60's!

Dispute over a loud car radio ends with gun drawn, Portland police said


This more than likely was a thumping heavy bass, as it has compelled victims to do much worse than just turn a hose on them, also not to sound racist but the instigator was a minority as is often the case unfortunately!

Just look at some of these quotes from around the country and there are plenty more where that came from!

"stereo system thumping so loud/hard that it rattles the windows of cars and buildings that it drives past like the cars with big subs do. I realize people like to listen to their music, but keep it INSIDE your car. The rest of us don't want to hear it from within our cars or buildings when you drive by or park beside it"


























     Quick Links

Officials Porrtal for Law Enforcment & Govt. Officials

Driving Me Crazy boom car stereo noise dangers



Share your Concerns


Vehicular Noise Enforcement Initiative



Stop the Heavy Bass Boom Car Madness  Petition To End Heavy Bass In Boom Cars


Ban The Boom For Autistic Kids!



Operation Lower The Boom



Heavy Bass Victims You Are Not Alone




NFA Boom Cars Info




Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous


More Bass Than Brains


Examples of how low the bass can drop!



Education Program Of the Oregon Health and Science University

Have You Been Assaulted By Heavy Bass?
Yes I know what it means to be assaulted by Heavy Bass0%
No but I know someone who has0%
No, I have not had that happen to me yet.0%

Our Western Culture is now digital bass oriented, it's in Djayed weddings, recently Olympic Opening Ceremonies, and everyday life, but there is a much more darker sinister level that is Deep Heavy Bass  or Dubstep and is turning brains into mush and it's turned into the Invasion of the Bass Heads, like "Walking Dead", something that can put one into a zombie like trance is very dangerous, and needs to be addressed as a pandemic on a much larger scale. Introducing the digital crack of the 21st century Deep Heavy Bass The experience is complimented by illegal hard drugs like cocaine, meth and MDMA. They are beating their war drums and they have our attention!






If  you appreciate the effort and time it is taking to create and deceminate this information please feel free to donate as little or as much as you would like. Thanks

Petition by iPetitions

Despite what some may believe, this deliberate assault on the public's right to peace and quiet and safety are not protected by the 1st amendment, the constitution clearly states that the 1st amendment is not protected under all acts including those of defiance of laws set by society and a reminder you can not "yell fire in a crowded theatre" and you can not yell on a public street at passers by, this deliberate sub sonic assualt is no different and any attempts to pass it off as a right to freedom of expression or speech will fail!


Here is an example of how rap celebs are paid to

to endorse mega powerful sub woofers like the Jackhammer.





Council clarifies question on noise ordinance


"I pray for rain, I pray for cold weather, I pray for extreme heat so we won’t have to put up with this"


Allentown driver stopped for loud music, arrested for drugs in Bethlehem, records say

"An Allentown man's cocaine was discovered during a traffic stop for playing loud music"


Disaster strikes Chestnut Street Bypass as Colorado Springs women predicted

Bristol man banned for driving "under influence of drum and bass

" police carried out a breathalyser test and discovered Mr Cogley was completely sober"



"Passing sentence the Recorder Mr Kevin De Haan QC described drum and bass music as "intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others"

Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High



Old News


Port St. Lucie man accused of trying to run over police officer, after told to turn it down.

Loud Music Murder Trial


Facing the Music: Ga. woman arrested in dispute with cops over...loud music

"police say she drove her car into two deputies outside the county jail who had told her to...turn down her music. "

UPDATE: Man Who Tried to Run Down Officers Is Arrested

Woman Arrested Four Times in 26 Hours

The  mission of this page is to raise awareness about this insidious issue in America and around the world today, that is endangering our nation's highways and byways and ruining communities and destroying quality of life for many people as well, to address the problem and present sollutions that effectively are being utlized in various parts of the U.S. A lot of hours and thought went into this page, so please give it your utmost attention and thought. We did our best to edit it! In order to facilitate accessing pertinent information for various visitors we have placed quick links on the right hand side,as well as hot links on the top of the page, please utilize them if you do not have time to read this entire page and please come back.




Average Sound Pressure Level Now On Public Roads

Thank you EX0  keep them coming.

Oakland Charter School where the music from car Stereos is disrupting class

Here's a nice well mannered response "soft sh*t f*ck the feds i blast my bass when im coming up behind em they cant do sh*t besides givin u a ticket blastin" Here's another "people should just have the right to play music how they would want to hear it, these systems arent cheap and are a symbol of status to people paying their hard earned money for the systems.its just something people love"

Just how are they paying for these symbols of status?

Some steal them and some deal drugs to pay for it, but rarely can they afford such monsterous systems!

"From some intuitive and guessing, with the tinted-windows and some lurking sense of hyper-active adrenaline hot-prowling jungle fuggs--there is the assumption most of these thuggers are nothing but illegal drug dealers just simply playing their ice cream truck jingle for their ever-hungry and sick crack-addicted following. "  http://tbo.com/news/politics/tampa-prepares-car-stereo-ordinance-b82489889z1

Image courtesy http://www.orpn.org/boom_cars2.htm

"boom cars flourish in Oakland for two reasons. For one, the city has only half a police department. Officers simply do not have time to cite offenders. For another, City officials from mayor Jean Quan down tolerate thugs, thug culture, and attacks on innocent people. Quan covers her sympathy for gangbangers with evasive chatter."

This is Oaklands noise ordinance, notice something familiar?
"No driver of a vehicle shall operate any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet." (Calif. Vehicle Code 27007) There is no debate over decibels; if the stereo can be heard at that distance, it is too loud. " Please tell us how something so week can empower Law Enforcement and citizens to impact the problem? Once again hear, not felt is the wording.

If that's not enough reason to crack down or ban these these monsters all together how about the effects they have on Autistic Children?
"This is also a very serious issue with war vets who suffer with P.T.S.D. and once again Autistic Children, Oregon should be the first state in the union to pass dramatic laws prohibiting this blight and set an example for the rest of the nation that's suffering as well!"

On our petition a Veterans' friends signed, "please make this stop every time one of these vehicles drives by my friends goes into a panic and looks for an imaginary helmet and bayonet" or how about this Veteran who every time one of these drive by his plate in his head vibrates, imagine that happening to those who have served for our country! "Drive By" is a good way of putting it, these assaults are non lethal attacks or "Drive Bys" as it's known in gang infested neighborhoods on our cities towns and senses!

Public health and safety is put at great risk. Residents on arterial streets suffer this merciless noise pollution every few minutes at all hours. It’s common to hear and feel thumping all night long from over half a mile.

To quote one heavy bass victim in Arizona,
"Bass is hard to capture on record; & local law enforcement has little recourse (often will simply not respond). This is not a victimless crime. It is a direct assault on the foundation of our homes (literally). You cant escape (it falsely imprisons you with no choice). Home is no longer a place of peace. It is war zone; without weapons to fight. As typical of war, the opponent does not share our views. They most often know what they do; and, do it with intent to disrupt, disturb, & assault. It will take a large (& strong) Mass to stop it. Until the Mass is large enough to win the war; individuals will continue to lose the battles. One of Many, Tea"

"Wish they would do it in Vegas where I live. These cars with thunderous bass are everywhere. It's funny, the people that boom bass all think they have some sort of God given right to destroy the peace of everyone around them. I lived around several of them in an apartment complex I lived in. And I hear them day and night in the neighborhood I live in now. But in my old apartment complex the thunderous bass was constant, even as late as 4 in the morning. These men, all of mixed race. Many of them white and in their 40's, would drive by or park and open their trunks revealing huge sub-woofers and boom bass. Nearly every problem that occurred in the complex was because of these drivers. Fights and arguments would break out over the noise. And it is noise. Not music. The quality of life there was gone because of a small minority of people who dominated everyone around them with noise. But people who boom bass know exactly what they're doing. And they enjoy making people miserable with extreme noise. The name brand corporations that sell these units even cater to the anti-social drivers with ads proclaiming "destroy the peace" "Annoy and disturb" "give your neighbors heart attacks" and "turn down my bass? I don't think do" are among the not so subtle "slogans" in these ads. These drivers are also some of the most defiant, yet thin skinned people I have ever come across. And their over riding desire in life is to share their inferiority complex with everyone around them via extreme noise."


Letter To Local Officials

The following letter is being sent to our local officials to hopefully get them to make the connection once and for all and prioritize these offenders with the drug and gang connection The truth is this should be getting out to every official and agency in the Western World! Please feel free to use and any and all context, I only ask that you leave the link in for substantiation. Also the incidents below happened years ago and I have not been able to find documentation online to support it, but I know for a fact they did happen. The part about the driver under the influence in a trance from the drums and bass did happened recently in U.K. a man was driving erratically, pulled over given a test and found no alcohol or controlled substance in his blood,but he was arrested for driving under the influence. You can find a link to that story and an explanation in the article Feeling The Music Can Be Dangerous To Your Health on the link in the letter. If you haven't seen our poll about a nationwide sound pressure law and how it can be enforced, please take a look it's in polls.

After reading about the mother arrested for dealing meth with the 6 year old with meth in her system, I am outraged that no local enforcement agency as of yet has made the Heavy Bass, Drug connection especially related to meth. I have been in contact with my state representative on this issue and there is hope that a new law may be drafted for 2015 that will address the sole issue of unreasonable sound pressure levels in vehicles, until then I wish to bring to your attention strong evidence that indicates this kind of operation of a motor vehicle is a threat to other motorists, can put the driver into a trance and is doing more than just creating a nuisance but is rocking foundations of homes and businesses and often the victims are too afraid to report it for fear of retaliation, further more, a criminal element is hiding amongst these drivers and are often found to have violent histories, warrants for arrest and are in possession of drugs, paraphernalia and or weapons, this can not go unthwarted you can find all the data necessary to support these claims at http://loud.vze.com and subsequent links.

On an episode of cops I recently viewed an officer in Palm Beach FL. stopped a vehicle because according the deputy "I could feel the bass coming from your vehicle" upon searching the vehicle he discovered a quantity of Marijuana and subsequently arrested the driver, this is by no means a unique incident, in Gainesville FL. an officer regularly pulled over vehicles for loud music violations, usually thumping and found illegal drugs and weapons under the driver seat. In Ocala FL a vehicle was pulled over and the same was found. This is not exclusive to FL. there have been other states as well that this has occurred by having lived in FL. I am more familiar with those incidents. However in the sleepy little town of Fairfield IA. a vehicle was pulled over for heavy bass pounding from it and it was a meth lab on wheels. Meth and other drugs like them including Marijuana make it so these extreme Sound Pressure Levels that are excruciating to most normal human beings who are not drug users, is pleasurable for the drug using driver and is actually enhancing the experience. If more LEOs would do what these officers have done there would be a lot less drivers under the influence endangering motorists and causing accidents and mayhem. This is by no means exclusive to the Willamett Valley and should be considered by every government agency in the country! This is why a dedicated task force solely for these violators must be activated, the measly fine will not be the deterrent, the arrest for the outstanding warrants and knowing that one less drug user and dealer is off the streets will, please take a serious look at the information provided and take the necessary actions to address the issue as it gets more and more out of control and as the drug epidemic here OR. also grows out of control. Please note I"m just an ordinary law abiding citizen who is doing their best to raise awareness on this issue.

Thank you.

llow us to share a personal ordeal some refer to "Acoustic RAPE"(anyone who doesn't think it's like rape, remember rape is being forced to do something you don't want to) that happened in early 2000 in Aventura FL. We were just returning from the Waterways, a fairly upscale area near the Marina, for some who live in Miami you know where we speak of, we were at the intersection of Waterways and Biscayne sitting at a red light that would seem to take forever. We were minding our own business, when a jalopy with the two heavy minority gang member like males pulls up next to us,we tried ignore them at first,, then suddenly a very powerful sound pressure level was emitted from the vehicle like a wave it engulfed us, we swear we felt it in our bones, we looked at each other paralyzed unable to move couldn't reach the cell to call for help, as we sat frozen in fear, an Aventura PD car went by as if nothing was wrong, we would later learn this was the norm. When the ordeal was finally over and we went home we called the Aventura PD and complained and the officer said, the officers in the car must have been on another call and dismissed our complaints as trivial, we then contact the Florida Highway Patrol, the officer said you should have called us, we don't want vehicles like that on the road, we said we would have but couldn't reach our cell we were so paralyzed. Are we to understand that is is only state law enforcement that takes this nightmare of an issue seriously? We certainly hope not. As this event is now old we have found having left FL after years of torment and similar experiences that this crops up in various states including New Mexico, Arizona, CA, and Oregon. They are not being limited in any way shape or form, how can the Federal Govt, go on ignoring this issue?

Can Boom Car Owners Boom Responsibly?

After talking a bass enthusiast and seeing the article b elow I have to come to the conclusion that just like smokers there are considerate boomers and inconsiderate ones who don't give a damn who they are hurting. The  "responsible boomers" should be outraged what the iresponsible jerks are doing and join the rest of the civilized world in fighting them, if they don't they will suffer for their inactions and lose their privileges to enjoy their hobby


Car Audio Noise Laws




German Commercial Depicting A Boomer and how lightly the issue is taken there in Europe.

It's hard to believe that something this obscene in power could find it's way onto city streets, but if your city or town already has a non chanlant approach to  these vehicles that's exactly what could happen!

When you can't tell the difference between a trash truck, train, thunder or earthquake and a car stereo something is seriously wrong!


Nowadays everyone has some  thump and bump in their trunk, the problem is  we have been desentisized by haveing to put up with constant thumping from cars, we don't realize they get bigger and badder systems and we don't complain so the abusers come along and start pumping out 2000 watts or more and no one complains so then why not 10k or 20k hey the limit is how long they can stand the sound pressure or piss off a cop or citizen, let's just keep ignoring them and hope they go away! Right?  No that's Wrong!

basshole Defined

"A jackass that drives through residential areas at three in the morning with the subwoofers on his car stereo at maximum volume."

"One of these days a "patriotic gun aficionado" is going to walk up to one of the loud cars & open fire. He will claim "stand your ground" & get away with it."

· May 13, 2013