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Professional audio engineer for over 30 years, who resides in Pacific Northwest

 Earthquake On Wheels






We had no inclination as what to expect here in Oregon  including it's respective counties, considering the problem did not exist anywhere 20 years ago, when we last resided here, but given the proliferation of the problem throughout the nation we are not very surprised. More Heavy Bass Than Brains?   Note the image to upper right is known as a MTX "Jackhammer" it's a Subwoofer and as you can see it's much larger than a basketball!

Exhibit A. SMD, a custom installer in Sacramento who does installs of systems that are not 5 not 10 but 30,000 watts that are capable rocking foundations and does other bizarre things! In our opinion SMD should stand for Sonic Massive Destruction

note the reference to "420" a common reference to Marijuana, one theory could be that they are so high that the extreme deep heavy bass has little to no affect on their nervous systems unlike the rest of us, but that's just a theory, any MDs who would care to research that we would welcome your findings.














Here is one example of what we are talking about, note the sub-woofers are not facing in, clearly with the intent to share

"I was pulled out of my zone with a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Someone might think that it was an earthquake or a bomb going off, but no. My neighbors next door had pulled in and had their music on in their car. But it wasn't on at just a normal volume; it was really loud, and they had the bass really high, so high that I swear that the walls of my house were shaking. We can personally attest to this as we have experienced this on numerous occasions in various locales and jurisdictions.
From  http://persephonemagazine.com/2012/03/bringin-down-the-house-next-door









Image courtesy of persephonemagazine.co


Enhanced and in a Trance
That is how you would describe these vehicles and their drivers the system is pushed to the limits and the driver often listens to either Deep Heavy Bass or music found in raves digitally enhanced to put one in a trance, now take into consideration
not all of them are parked, many are driving down our nations' streets and highways, it's a safe bet with how they are exponentially being installed in various cities and counties there will be a lot more accidents in the near future involving innocents like the one
described below, it's time to do something before many will die on roads unnecessarily! If you do some research you will find that Heavy Bass plays a large role in fatal auto accidents, as it can be very distracting and often teens are involved in these fatalities Heavy Thumping Bass often leads to speeding as the driver gets "entrained" along with the Heavy Bass beats and lyrics of murder and mayhem




http://www.dangerousdecibels.org Education Program Of the Oregon Health and Science University



As you can see in this recent incident, it is not just kids having fun, this man is in his 60's!
Dispute over a loud car radio ends with gun drawn, Portland police said

This more than likely was a thumping heavy bass, as it has compelled victims to do much worse than just turn a hose on them, also not too sound racist but the instigator was a minority as is often the case unfortunately!

Just look at some of these quotes from around the country and there are plenty more where that came from!

"stereo system thumping so loud/hard that it rattles the windows of cars and buildings that it drives past like the cars with big subs do. I realize people like to listen to their music, but keep it INSIDE your car. The rest of us don't want to hear it from within our cars or buildings when you drive by or park beside it"

Consider the violent reaction of this victim who is now facing life imprisonment for his role in standing his ground to would be bass thugs.

Florida man pleads not guilty to shooting teen to death over loud music  http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/11/28/15513847-florida-man-pleads-not-guilty-to-shooting-teen-to-death-over-loud-music?lite

From http://jalopnik.com/florida-town-bans-loud-car-stereos-1450250841


Comment from OR resident who signed Ban Boom Cars Petition.


State: OR
Comments: Our town, virtualy shakes and rumbles day and night.
No more Thumpers


State: OR
Comments: A car owner's rights to play music end where my rights begin.
I have the right to choose what I hear when I'm in my own home or office. I don't go into
other people's homes and force my music on them.
It's tragic that so many people in America are frustrated by boom cars, but nothing is
done about it. Most folks wouldn't hesitate to call the cops on their neighbors if they were
playing music at these high volumes. Just because the perpetrator is in a moving vehicle
does not make their actions any less offensive or their crime any less severe.

Please -- Have some guts, take a stand, and put a stop to boom cars.State: OR

State: OR
Comments: The quality of life is not what it use to be! I feel helpless!


State: OR
Comments: We are sick and tired of booming, blasting car and home sound systems, our
town shakes and vibrates almost 24 hours a day.



If Oregon can pass a monumental law like the one recently passed that prohibits smoking in vehicles with children, surely they can pass a stronger law with stronger teeth that will discourage this type of potential endangerment to the public!


With all due respect we don't want to tell anyone how to do their job, but this problem is not going to get any better, with the proliferation of places like Best Buy and The Stereo Store(a call to both "dealers",confirmed they do indeed install these types of ground pounder systems and can "get a hold a of" the more intense equipment if necessary, when asked what the legal limit is, the answer was there is no legal limit, depends on how loud you play it, if a cop wants to be a d*ck and give you a ticket, of course that rarely happens, if we can't get a ban on the destructive equipment, then there has to be at least limits placed on the wattage) and more affordable systems popping up, it's spreading like a Cancer, and we would like to further stress that giving out speeding tickets while over looking thumping bass that can easily be contributing to the speeding itself, and said bass can be felt for more than half a city block coming and going away, is not going to impact the problem, often it's left to the discretion of the officer, and in most cases if said officer is young, as some refer to as "jock cop" and is sympathetic to the bass heads, might have gone to school with them, they will simply ignore them, in most cases these young officers don't see this as a priority and are often not too concerned with issues that severely affects quality of life and public safety as does the thumping bass. We state this because we encountered this when we complained to a Sheriff's Dept. In FL and they assigned a unit and all they did was issue tickets to speeders, and ignore the thumpers who were clearly in violation of the state vehicle code as well as county noise ordinances. We can't tell you how many times we have seen a Police or Sheriff or even State Police vehicle drive right by as a ground pounding thumper siting at a traffic light annoying everyone within 25 feet or more and putting everyone in the area at risk, as what happened in our earlier account in FL.   We have already state that observations have shown that rapid heavy bass can and will contribute to speeding, some food for thought.  We once had a Miami Dade officer relate a story to us back in early 2000, he and his partner were in traffic and there was a boom car several cars away from them, he went to the driver and asked him to turn it down as it was interfering with their being to  hear their unit's radio and they could not hear the call outs, the driver acted stupid as if he didn't hear the officer and said huh, the officer responded with "Turn it down before I arrest you for interfering with an officer, he turned it down. That's the kind of response we need from our officers not the constant ignoring we see day in and day out, it's a citizen's  complaint for anything to be done and it shouldn't, and wen an officer is dispatched and arrives they should not be looking to hear anything, they need to get out of their vehicle and see if the ground is vibrating, if it is then they need to have words with the violators, plain and simple, again not telling anyone how to do their job, just asking you do it right!


There are also licensed and unlicensed drivers in and around the state of Oregon as well as other states in the U.S. who are driving around with so much bass pumping out of their cars, it leaves you asking the question, do they have more bass than brains? The answer is yes, if one feels the need to drive around with as much sound pressure levels as a 747 jet engine "Boom cars are also called ground pounders, street pounders, or (rarely) trunk thumpers, or "ground pounders" and no wonder considering the brain-liquefying power of some of these car stereo systems. A decent home stereo might pump out 200 watts, but boom car units often boast 1,000 watts of power, and systems with 2,000 or even 3,000 watts have been recorded. As a point of reference, the human pain threshold for noise is 120 decibels (dB), but these rolling sonic factories can hit 140 or even 150 dB. Because decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, the sound level doubles every 10 dB, so (it turns out) 150 dB would be the equivalent of standing next to a 747 with its jet engines at full roar." Or have the metal of your vehicle banging so badly that everyone within 1/2 a mile radius is disturbed by it, then most likely you have more bass than brains and you shouldn't be driving to begin with, since you are more than likely a hazard to yourself as well as other drivers.
If you do some research if you will find that due to the nature of the size, a large percentage of SUVs are jam packed with sonic assault equipment, hence they should be referred to as SAVs Sonic Assault Vehicles, as one person referred to them.
ORS 815.232 Prohibits vehicles from emitting louder than reasonable noise, in our humble opinion this statute as most others state's regarding vehicles with "Loud Music" or should be known as heavy pounding bass, is flawed and does not do anything to protect innocent citizens from the madness of these drivers. At this point were not going to mince words, there is a very serious problem here in OR. it is growing exponentially and  if left unchecked will soon be as out of control as it is in other parts of the country! It's understandable that a Motor Vehicle Accident would take priority over a 'loud music" complaint, however consider the fact that a M.V.A. could be prevented if deafening levels of heavy bass were prohibited.

In addition to making people ill from this and destroying quality of life, these dangerous nightmarish sub-woofer S.A.V., also known as Sonic Assault Vehicles, are destroying the natural sound scape and the ecosystem.  There have been many times when victims of sonic heavy bass assault are enjoying a peaceful quiet afternoon in a beautiful green park and enjoying the sweetness of the wildlife, attempting to enjoy some rest away from the noisy hustle bustle of the city, when the ground begins to pound and it feels like the entire park is vibrating heavily like an audio earthquake and the peaceful enjoyment has now been ruined!!!  Imagine enjoying the peace and quiet in your favorite beautiful local park, and a couple of these bass thug idiots drives by and destroys the peace and quiet and actually causes the beautiful birds to flee from the trees and seek safe shelter!!!  This is the same kind of deep heavy bass subsonic waves that are being used to penetrate the oceans and hurt the dolphins and whales by throwing off their sonar, which is their natural form of communication and antenna, which keeps them alert to their surroundings.  Birds have very thin legs and rely on their natural habitat to protect them and provide their natural needs and when these heavy bass thugs penetrate the natural surroundings with their subsonic heavy bass vibrations, it is a chain reaction that is very destructive and excruciating.  We will be sending this website link to many environmental organizations who work tirelessly to protect the ecosystem and the wildlife, alerting them to this very pervasive destructive polluting problem so that they too can take the necessary action steps to get help and make a positive difference. 


After speaking with an Oregon State Trooper about this issue and his response as far as Salem or the capital is concerned it's a deaf issue, either that or it's an issue that's making people deaf we took it to mean, no one wants to hear about it. The same state statute was in effect in FL, while it was in effect the same measly fine of  $70 did nothing to impact the problem  or discourage drivers from amping up there sub woofer systems to the point other drivers and resident are made sick, and several years ago an Attorney who was ticketed and the ACLU challenged the law and it was deemed to be unconstitutional by the state Supreme court, Perhaps if the statue had read "felt" rather than heard as the wording is the same  in Oregon  ORS 815.232 as in most states and jurisdictions that have such laws, it would have had more teeth and would still be in effect today. There is no reason on earth why your vehicle should be felt 25 feet or more unless you are an emergency vehicle with a Rumbler Siren, otherwise something is seriously wrong with your vehicle and it shouldn't be on the road in the first place and most likely impounded.  According an  article by Joseph Rose entitled "Bringing the boom down on teeth-rattling car stereos in traffic"  on Oregonlive.com In 2012, Oregon courts convicted 226 drivers for the violating the state law, according to DMV records (PDF). Not surprisingly, the vast majority involved drivers between the ages of 16 and 34. Also, the violation is escalated to a misdemeanor if a driver has three or more convictions within the past 12 months.  Seriously how is this going to ever make an impact? The small number of 226 vs. the 3 million population of the state of Oregon and practically every other vehicle has massive sub-woofers installed in them, that number should easily be 1000 or more, not 226 something is seriously wrong with these numbers, either the source is wrong, or someone is not doing their job. How on earth is something like what is shown below allowed on the road?












Image courtesy of oregonlive.com
We do realize there other issues such as loud vehicle exhausts that affect quality of life as well, but this is the only issue that has victims suffering silently with little or no recourse, in our opinion all states should consider what constitutes excessive and should be considered
distracted while driving and that would most definitely include heavy pounding bass, as studies attest to the reaction time of the driver being slowed down by this deadly distraction.

To all concerned elected officials and Law Enforcement agencies if you have not read this as of yet please do so before continuing to read this page.
The Problem of Loud Car Stereos http://www.popcenter.org/problems/loud_car_stereos Enforcing laws that prohibit plainly audible car stereos.

"Some statutes and ordinances prohibit any noise that is plainly audible from a specified distance.† Most laws of this sort do not require that the music lyrics or melody be intelligible; the bass vibrations alone can suffice. The specified distances vary across jurisdictions, ranging from 15 to 100 feet, depending on how restrictive communities choose to be."    This is the crux of the problem, it's a matter of choice, if a federal mandate stated there was only one level and distance for example 15 feet, and it had no room for flexibility the problem would be addressed in short order, but sadly that is not the case."




While this type of issue with overwhelming booming car stereos may seem isolated, if you take a survey you will find there are more than likely a good sampling of the community that is being plagued by this and suffering silently.  This has been the case in most places we have lived and  had to move at least a half dozen times as we are most certain, will have to again, due to this issue, so we know by personal experience that if citizens silently suffer they don't complain usually for fear of retaliation by the drivers and neighbor  themselves.  In some cases, drivers have tried to run over either complaining citizens or law enforcement officers themselves or the victims have been ridiculed as overly or hyper sensitive or labeled as a complainer by police agencies and in some cases seen as the problem rather than recognizing they are victims, not complainers.  Perhaps, cities in Oregon can take a page from Sarasota and Brooksville, FL  The Town of Brooksville in Central Florida will institute a new ordinance starting next week where any loud stereo will be met with a significant fine.
First offenders will get a $250 ticket and after that the fine goes up to $500, reports the Tampa Bay Times.
OR. or local jurisdictions could present a video like this one  
http://sarasota.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=37&clip_id=1753  perhaps the state could get together with someone like Joseph Rose and put together a public service education campaign as to how disruptive and destructive these thumping systems are.
Nevertheless there will be a need to increase fines to for example to a minimum of  $250 to fit the violation and not issue the typical warning or paltry $97 ticket that will most likely be whittled by a sympathetic judge, although in some cases in CO. judges have forced violators to listen to hours of classical music or the children's character Barney judge sentences noisy offenders to Barry Manilow
 "A U.S. judge has hailed as a success a new form of punishment for people who go to court for being too noisy -- an hour of listening to Barry Manilow or the theme tune from the children's TV show Barney and Friends.."  'When you have a person playing rap at extreme volumes all over the city, and they have to sit down and listen for an hour to Barry Manilow, it's horrible punishment,' he said."  If you ask victims such as myself it's a minimum fine and some of these bass thugs need to be sentenced to a "scared straight program" let them find out what's it's like to have your rights and privileges taken away and where their social defiance and assault on the citizens senses, will eventually lead them to. Speaking of privileges, these drivers licensed or not, in  other words driving with suspended or revoked licenses, need to be reminded that driving is not a right but a privilege and that it can be taken away at any given time, apparently they just don't get that! Read more:

How can you expect to dissuade this type of defiant behavior without a suitable punishment?  In addition to this, we cannot expect a bass junkie,who has an obscene amount of bass and needs to get their heavy bass fix  at any given moment, including at 3:00am, can crank up their sub-woofers and irritate and disturb the peace of an entire square block and do this in intervals, making it virtually impossible to pinpoint and when citizens call to complain, all they get is a response to loud music, versus thumping sub woofer capable of feeling like a pile driver or earthquake! The article "Feeling The Music can Can Be Dangerous To Your Health" http://www.omnisonic.com/bbillings.html  it goes as far as suggesting and substantiating why the Heavy Bass may be addictive to the user. As lowertheboom.org states often these drivers are found be to be drug dealers with loaded weapons under their seats, it also should be noted that often these drivers are on some kind of controlled substance, it's usually either Marijuana or Meth or Cocaine and often they are on Crack, these are found to compliment the Heavy Bass and make it easier to stand the sound pressure levels associated with the low frequencies being emitted. We recently saw a quote by a Bass Head, that said something to the effect Why do I need to breathe when the bass can do it for me, that is a very disturbing thought. As far as these kind of statements are concerned these individuals are addicted to heavy bass and do get high on it and if you try to take away their digital drug they will try to kill you for it.  We Just want to clarify we  like our music marginally loud some times,we are part of the classic rock generation, we just don't like it digitally enhanced to where you hear nothing but feel the heavy bass tones that are earth shattering and put you into a trance especially while driving! Anyone who does, is not listening for enjoyment, they are doing it because they need the constant bombardment from the infra-sound waves according to the article it's like a runners high, it's a fix, it's no better than being a crack or meth head and in some cases they go hand in hand.  To quote one bass head "Why do I need to breath when I can have the bass do it for me" raises a lot of questions about this addiction. We have encountered this now in several locations including Benton and Linn and Marion Counties, one of them in Columbia county FL had a system so powerful it vibrated the land we lived on and we can tell you they lived nearly a quarter of a mile away, that's because the low frequency waves travel very far.  If this indeed is the case and these drivers are being put into some kind of mindless high trance, shouldn't this be classified as driving under the influence and shouldn't there be a federal, state and local officials coordination to remove them from the road before they get killed or kill someone else?
We have to wonder what kind of effect if any, these extremely powerful sub woofers may have on fault lines?  This type of output should be regulated and enforced by the FCC but after talking to them, they just tell you to contact law enforcement or code enforcement officers and so it goes!  We feel it is very important that you understand that there is a significant difference between loud music and noise and the heavy violent thumping sub-woofers that feel like a pile driver or what we call Big Foot or an audio earthquake.  In most cases, you can feel them, rather than hear them, coming and going for at least a city block and they are capable and have on many occasions vibrated windows and set off car alarms.  How do you call that loud music?  We lived in Los Angeles for many years and we suffered through the Northridge 6.7 earthquake and the rattling and vibration shockwave was so powerful it felt like the end of the world and when these heavy bass thumpers  move through neighborhoods with their systems, you can not distinguish between an earthquake and a thumping bass vehicle or for that matter, thunder, or an oncoming train.  we once again refer to the  comment by E Miller the special effects acoustic expert found on the home page  When seismic activity increases in the Pacific Northwest, there will not only be strong quakes but powerful after shocks, the last thing citizens will want to have to endure is constant ground pounding vehicles rattling there nerves in addition to thousands of nerve rattling after shocks, one has to wonder if some these more powerful 10,000 + Watts sub sonic audio systems could precipitate a quake by undermining a vulnerable fault line such as the one that runs through the Willamette Valley, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone on the coast, but that's a question for the seismological experts to answer.


As you can clearly see the intent is to "share" the bass with all in the vicinity regardless as to if they wish to "share" in the experience.


"Heavy Loud bass noise is defiant. Cars like this one drive around Oakland, shaking windows and disturbing people in their homes from a block away. Oakland residents do not need stereo blasting into their homes. At the Laurel fair, a neighbor who recently had a serious operation told us that passing boom cars irritate the stitches inside his abdomen. It really hurts." http://www.orpn.org/boom_cars2.htm









   Image courtesy  http://www.orpn.org/boom_cars2.htm
"cars flourish in Oakland for two reasons. For one, the city has only half a police department. Officers simply do not have time to cite offenders. For another, City officials from mayor Jean Quan down tolerate thugs, thug culture, and attacks on innocent people. Quan covers her sympathy for gangbangers with evasive chatter."

This is Oaklands noise ordinance, notice something familiar?
"No driver of a vehicle shall operate any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet." (Calif. Vehicle Code 27007) There is no debate over decibels; if the stereo can be heard at that distance, it is too loud. "  Please tell me how something  so week can empower Law Enforcement and citizens to impact the problem?

Here is Oregon's law

Oregon Revised Statute: 815.232¹  Unreasonable sound amplification from a vehicle in
(1) A person commits the offense of causing unreasonable sound amplification from a vehicle if the person operates, or permits the operation of, any sound amplification system which is plainly audible outside of a vehicle from 50 or more feet when the vehicle is on a public highway or on premises open to the public, unless that system is being operated to request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation.

Notice the similarity? audible and heard are the same, the statute is as week as CA. this is the case in most states, as was FL, now I ask you state officials, how is it that Oregon can pass such a historic law like the one that goes into effect in Jan. that prohibits smoking in a vehicle occupied by a person under 18, and I'm sure you would agree, many will find this law objectionable and drastic, not myself I have written a book on the horrors of growing up exposed to second hand smoke, but nevertheless many will find it objectionable. How is it Oregon can pass such a law, yet can't set an example to the rest of America with a powerful anti boom car legislation worded properly and perhaps vehicle inspections from time to time and if it is determined that the vehicle is loaded with equipment that is earth shattering, fine the motorist or take away their driving privilege?  We urge lawmakers to seriously consider this, and if need be we will submit a petition,  already online, petitions signed by Oregon residents complaining on the issue.

If that's not enough reason to crack down or ban these these monsters all together how about the effects they have on Autistic Children?
"This is also a very serious issue with war vets who suffer with P.T.S.D. and once again Autistic Children, Oregon should be the first state in the union to pass dramatic laws prohibiting this blight and set an example for the rest of the nation that's suffering as well!"

On our petition a Veterans' friends signed, please make this stop every time one of these vehicles drives by my friends goes into a panic and looks for an imaginary helmet and bayonet or how about this Veteran who every time one of these drive by his plate in his head vibrates, imagine that happening to those who have served for our country! "Drive By" is a good way of putting it, these assault are non lethal attacks or "Drive Bys" as it's known in gang infested neighborhoods on our cities towns and senses!
Public health and safety is put at great risk. Residents on arterial streets suffer this merciless noise pollution every few minutes at all hours. It’s common to hear and feel thumping all night long from over half a mile.

To quote one heavy bass victim in Arizona,
"Bass is hard to capture on record; & local law enforcement has little recourse (often will simply not respond). This is not a victimless crime. It is a direct assault on the foundation of our homes (literally). You cant escape (it falsely imprisons you with no choice). Home is no longer a place of peace. It is war zone; without weapons to fight. As typical of war, the opponent does not share our views. They most often know what they do; and, do it with intent to disrupt, disturb, & assault. It will take a large (& strong) Mass to stop it. Until the Mass is large enough to win the war; individuals will continue to lose the battles. One of Many, Tea"

We want to reiterate, they, the audio thugs, are addicted to this loud obnoxious “thmmmping”, which can hardly be termed music. They feed on the constant fix and will do anything to get that fix. Once they are exposed to it they don’t stop and they will defy any laws to continue this habit. This is not only affecting the user, who is becoming deaf more and more after each fix, but our society at large, which is the same problem with drugs in our country. This is just another type of drug (call it the acoustic crack of the 21st century and the users are "Bass Heads") and therefore requires the same kind of scrutiny. Anyone who has ever been exposed to the decibel level of these monsters can attest to the destructive force they possess. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that measures be taken before the problem has grown out of control.

Oakland Charter School where the music from car Stereos is disrupting class.